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The first service in St. James started in 1845 in a wooden structure. This was replaced with a brick building in 1900. Our historic church is older than Canada and we celebrate our 173rd anniversary this year. The church has an adjoining pioneer graveyard, however the individual gravestones have been replaced by a single stone monument.

In the 1950s the church was expanded and a church hall with a kitchen was added at that time. The church will hold about 110 worshippers and the downstairs hall will hold about 115. The church no longer has a rectory as this was sold in 2002 when Christ Church Bridgenorth was closed and amalgamated with St. James.

At one time St. James Emily, St Johns Orange Corners, and Christ Church Bridgenorth formed a three point parish, however the latter two have been closed due to declining attendance and we are pleased that many of these parishioners have joined St. James.

In 2003, the stained glass windows above the altar were refurbished and two stained glass windows which were in the vestry and back hall were moved to the rear of the church.

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