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The Rev. Canon Milton Barry is a retired Anglican priest, appointed as a part-time priest-in-charge for this parish. (Read more about Canon Barry below)


The Rev. Frank Tyrrell is a vocational deacon and member of St. James. In addition to his conducting Morning Prayer services on occasion, he also assists at many of the celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. He is active in a prison ministry in Lindsay and serves the Diocese in various ways, especially in reconciliation ministry to Indigenous Communities.


Mr. David Rook-Green has been a diocesan layreader for many years, connected to the parish of St. Barnabas in Peterborough. With the closing of that parish, he has been appointed as a layreader to St. James.


Lynda McCall is a member of St. James as well as a licensed Lay Reader. She was Commissioned in 1989. It has been her privilege to lead Morning Prayer services throughout the year. Lynda plays an active role in parish life and also shares the responsibility of ACW president with Cathy Millen. For a number of years Lynda has been a Director at the Emily Cemetery and is honoured to serve her community in this capacity.

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